Manicure Specialists In Cape Town

Full Mani: The proper TLC for your Hands.

Besides a nail shape, colour and shine, we offer a relaxing one-hour treatment which moisturizes, massages and stimulates blood flow in. Firstly, your nails are shaped and buffed, then the cuticles cleaned and neatened.  Your hands are then soaked and scrubbed to exfoliate and soften. To end off: a moisturizing hand lotion, rich in essential oils, is used to massage and nourish the skin.

Gent’s Mani: Who said manicures are only for women?

We offer full manicures for gents. We will make your natural nails shine using a miracle shiner (Nail polish is available upon request).

Mini Mani: Quick TLC.

In a hurry? Then our Mini Mani is perfect for you! Cuticle softener will be applied to soak your cuticles. We will then shape your natural nails and push back and clean your cuticles. Finally, we finish off your Mini Mani with a buff and nail polish of your choice.

Water-wise Mani: Lets save water.

Our environmentally friendly manicure starts off with sanitizing your hands followed by the cutting and shaping your nails. Then, we neaten your cuticles. Next, we sanitise your hands again. An exfoliation treatment, which will leave your hands invigorated, is then applied. The exfoliator will be cleaned off with a moist, warm towel. A rich hand cream will be applied and an awesome hand massage will follow. We complete this amazing treatment by painting your nails with a colour of your choice.