Professional Nail Technicians In Cape Town

Hygiene is our main concern: At ManiPedi, we go the extra mile in putting our clients’ hygiene first. Each client’s nail treatment is done with a Sterile nail kit which is double sterilized using a high-level disinfectant and ultraviolet process.

Acrylic tips: Looking for length?

Acrylic tips will give your nails all the length you want! How does it work? We extend the length of your nail by applying a lightweight plastic ‘nail-shaped’ tip onto your nail with an acrylic cover. You can choose between a natural tip and a French tip. Acrylic is naturally a very hard material and provides all the necessary support to keep your nail extensions perfectly in position. However, it’s important that our clients know that extended use of acrylic tips may cause some ‘wear and tear’ to your natural nail. It is recommended that you give your nails a ‘rest’ from time to time.

Acrylic refills: Lets fill the Gap.

As your natural nails grow, a gap will appear between your cuticle and the acrylic tip. This will be visible usually within 2-3 weeks. Instead of full nail replacement we offer acrylic refills to ensure your acrylic tips remain as fresh for longer.

Gelish: Get Long lasting colour and shine.

Gelish nail polish is very popular among our clients. Gelish nail polish is applied in exactly the same manner as regular nail polish. It is then cured for 30 seconds under an LED lamp. Gelish provides a polished look to your nails which lasts for at least for 2 weeks without chipping or peeling. Our Gelish polish involves minimal preparation work on your nail bed so that the health of your natural nails is preserved.  Gelish nail polish is removed by buffing your nails and then soaking them in acetone for 15-20 minutes. There is a great colour selection and our clients love it.

Repairs: Need a quick fix?

We offer different types of repair, depending on your specific needs. Acrylic repairs are the most durable. They are normally used to repair a tip that has broken off from your nail. Silk repairs are gentler and are used for a natural nail that has been torn.  We apply a small piece of silk wrap to the nail with resin to reinforce it. Lastly, Gelish repair is used when the Gelish polish is damaged.

Paraffin Dip: Some ‘extra soft’ for those tired feet.

A paraffin dip will give your feet that special care that they need. Your feet are submerged in a blend of liquefied paraffin and essential oils to soothe aching joints, improve circulation, soften and moisturizes rough skin. Highly recommended for hard-working feet.

IBX: Extra strength.

An IBX treatment is the answer. This treatment penetrates and strengthens your natural nail’s top layers.  It improves your nail plate integrity. This treatment offsets the natural wear and tear that occurs with soaking off and reapplication of artificial nails.

Paint & Go with Vinylux or OPI Infinite Shine:

Some clients prefer a paint and go. We offer a great range of colours from both Vintlux and OPI.  This Polish will give you chip-free nails for up to a week.

Nail Art: Something fun and different.

Do you want to add some excitement to your nails? We have some great toys that create fun looks for clients who feel a bit adventurous.  We offer a variety of nail art designs from basic stickers to stencils and sponges.