Best Pedicures In Cape Town

Full Pedi: Treat those feet.

When we say a full pedicure, we mean a full pedicure! We pride ourselves in offering the best, relaxing one-hour pedicures in Cape Town! Firstly, we soak your feet in warm soapy water and apply a callus treatment. Next, the rough skin is buffed off your heels, followed by a sloughing cream application to remove any remaining dead skin cells. We then apply our specialized in-house foot cream, Menthe Ped, rich in soothing essential oils which soften and nourish dry skin. Combined with an awesome foot massage follows before we cut and shape your toenails, clean up your cuticles, buff away the ridges and apply the nail polish colour of your choice. This is our most popular treatment and you can choose to experience it with or without Gelish polish.

Full Pedi with Gelish:

Finish that Pedi treat with a great Gelish colour on those toes! They will last so much longer.

Naked Pedi: Prefer the natural look’?

Then, our Naked Pedi is the one for you! This treatment includes a Full Pedi without nail polish. We use a miracle shiner to make your natural nails shine. This is the same Full Pedi we offer for gents.

Buff and Rub: Extra smooth feet.

Make your feet happy with our Buff and Rub. This treatment involves the soaking of your feet in warm, soapy water and we apply a callus treatment. Next, we buff the rough skin off your heels and apply a sloughing cream to remove further dead skin cells. Our awesome foot massage is included in this treatment!

Mini Pedi: Need a quickie Pedi?

Our Mini Pedi will give you all you need without taking too much of your time. This treatment starts off with soaking your feet in warm, soapy water, followed by a scrub/sloughing cream application to remove dead skin cells. We then cut and shape your toenails, clean up your cuticles, buff your nails and the finishing touch is a nail polish colour of your choice.

Princess Pedi: Some papering for the little ones

We love our young clients! Our Princess Pedi is the same as a Mini Pedi for ladies under the age of 14.

Full Water-wise Pedi: Same results using less water.

We love our environment and fully appreciate the water crisis in the Western Cape. We have therefore implemented a water-wise pedicure using as little as ½ a cup of water to remove the exfoliator. This revitalising, anti-bacterial treatment will leave your feet feeling moisturised and revived! First, we will sanitize your feet, cut and shape your toenails and clean your cuticles. Then, we sanitize your feet again, followed by a revitalizing spray before we buff the dead dry skin. A rejuvenating exfoliation follows which is cleaned off with a moist warm towel. Then, our famous foot massage is next in line and your toenails will be painted with colour of your choice.

Mini Water-wise Pedi: Save water even in a hurry.

If you need a ‘grab and go’ Water-wise Pedi, we can certainly help you with that. First, your feet will be sanitised. Your toenails will be cut and shaped and your cuticles will be cleaned. Then, we sanitise your feet again and apply a revitalising spray on your feet before we buff away all the dead dry skin. A rejuvenating exfoliation will follow next which will be cleaned off with a moist, warm towel. Since this is quick pedi, we will apply a rich foot cream combined with a 5-minute massage and then paint your toenails with a colour of your choice. Then, you are ready to go!